DARE Software

Ideas for using CropaRatio

- For sketching, crop an image so that the height/width ratio of the image is approximately the same as that of the paper where you would like to sketch it.

- If a photo has been taken with the camera rotated, you can save a permanently rotated version for correct display by GridaPic.

- Remove extra space and change the quality of an image which has had text added with TextnPic.

- For captioning photos. If you intend making 4x6 prints of your photos for an album you could crop them to the correct proportion (height/width = 0.667) before you add permanently overlaid captions with PicsnCaps or another program.

- Save a series of cropped images all with the same printed width, then drag one into a rich text file in TextEdit. Click in a blank area outside the image and type in an explanation. Repeat with the other images. The uniformity of width will make the layout look tidy when you print it. Instead of actual printing you could choose File..Print..Save as Pdf to create a file that will open on Windows PCs with Adobe Reader and on Macs with Preview or Adobe Reader.

- Choose part or all of a photo for placing on a card to send to someone. Change the printed size so that it will fit on the card and save the cropped image. Quit CropaRatio. Open the crop in Preview to adjust the colour, then resave it. Open a new page in TextEdit and choose Format..Make Rich Text. Drag the image file onto the page. Click outside the image, press return a couple of times and type a caption below the photo before printing the page. Lastly cut and paste the captioned image onto the card.

- Use CropaRatio to change the print size of commented jpg files that you have created with TextnPic.