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GridaPic for the iPad

CropaRatio for the iPad

JpgStory for the iPad

Plain Background Fun for the iPad

ShapeScene for the iPad

GradientScene for the iPad

DaisyScene for the iPad

ChipScene for the iPad

GridaPic Little for the iPhone/iTouch

CropaRatio Little for the iPhone/iTouch

JpgStory Little for the iPhone/iTouch

Plain Background Little for the iPhone/iTouch

ShapeScene Little for the iPhone/iTouch

GradientScene Little for the iPhone/iTouch

DaisyScene Little for the iPhone/iTouch

ChipScene Little for the iPhone/iTouch





Are you someone who LOVES TO MOVE COLOURS AND SHAPES AROUND to see how they affect each other and the overall impression of an artistic composition?

ShapeScene, GradientScene, DaisyScene and ChipScene have been created with you in mind.

All 'Scene' apps feature MOVABLE SHAPES and VARIABLE BACKGROUNDS. Follow the links on this page to see typical screenshots.

CHIPSCENE, the most recently developed app, lets you become really creative because you can add styled shapes and COPY and PASTE to your heart's content. You can even doodle your own shapes and add image text chips. You can also EDIT SHAPES after they have been added to the scene. And its MASKING feature adds a wealth of further creative possibilities.

The main differences between the iPad versions of the 3 other 'Scene' apps are as follows:


- many choices for shape colours along with transparent, shadowed and outlined shapes; - oval and rectangle shapes as well as squares, circles and bars; - background colour choices but NO background gradients; - 2 copy options; - small and large scene formats (square and rectangular); - up to 36 shapes.


- background gradients with a choice of both colour and direction; - ONLY circles, squares and bar shapes; - NO shadowed or outlined shapes; - choice of various gradients on shapes including transparent, opaque and constant gradients; - 1 copy option; - ONLY square scene format; - up to 24 shapes.


- background gradients with choice of colour and direction; - 8 different daisy shapes; - NO geometric or transparent shapes; - sprig of leaves; - outlined petals; - centre options including real; - choice of petal, outline and centre colours; - 3 copy options; - ONLY square scene format; - up to 36 shapes generated at once.

The corresponding iPhone/iTouch versions of these 3 'Scene' apps are mainly different in that they have only one format and work only in portrait orientation. Also they cannot generate as many shapes at once.