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JpgStory for the iPad

Here is a link to JpgStory on the App Store (via iTunes)

(Note that there is Help for JpgStory users at the bottom of this page.)

The features of the iPad version of JpgStory are listed below:

JpgStory on iPad screenshot JpgStory on iPad screenshot JpgStory on iPad screenshot

JpgStory on iPad screenshot JpgStory on iPad screenshot

Help for JpgStory

- If you have chosen an image by tapping the Choose pic or New buttons, you can then simply tap on the image to bring up the caption editing screen.

- When previewing the captioned image after tapping the Done button, you can tap on the image to go back to the editing screen.

- No buttons work while the Defaults Settings are open. Tap on the image to close the Settings.

ABOUT LOW RAM WARNINGS. Compared to computers, devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iTouch have very little RAM to do their processing in. RAM is short for random access memory. The available RAM is not the same as the available Capacity which you see in your device Settings. If you are dealing with very large images then low RAM can be a problem, and apps running in the background can cause it. For example you may have copied a large image with the Photos application. Apps are likely to run slowly or crash in low RAM situations. An easy way to fix the problem is to stop and then restart the device. (Hold down the Sleep button until a red button appears etc) . Unfortunately this means that any apps you have running, including those in the background, will quit. After restarting the device you would have to restart those apps you need. In JpgStory, with freshly cleaned RAM, it is possible to caption an image which has a resolution of at least 3072x2304. However JpgStory limits the maximum resolution of any captioned pic to 1024x1228 so starting with a higher resolution pic would simply slow down the app, rather than change the output resolution.

- See this page for help in making 6x4 inch prints from captioned images that you have stored on your iOS device

Click here for information about the Windows version of JpgStory. There is also available a free Mac application designed for easy export of images with captions. It is called PicsnCaps.

An iPhone/iTouch version of this app called JpgStory Little is available.Click here for more iPad and iPhone/iTouch apps by DARE Software.