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GradientScene Little
for iPhone/iTouch

Here is a link to GradientScene Little on the App Store (via iTunes)

(Note that ideas for getting the most out of this app are given at the bottom of this page.)

Use gradients to create your own colourful geometric designs. Draw background gradients just by tapping. Instantly add sets of movable shapes, randomly positioned. Gradients and shapes can be transparent or opaque. Adjust settings to get a huge variety of scenes. Settings are

The app also has the following options: - Move or delete any shape. - Change the base colour behind transparent background gradients. - Remove the background gradient leaving just the base colour. - Delete all shapes at once. - Make the area outside scenes darker or lighter to change perception. - Save a scene or just the background to the Camera Roll as a jpg file. - Copy a scene to the pasteboard. - Access in-app Help.

__GradientScene Little screenshot GradientScene Little screenshot GradientScene Little screenshot

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Ideas for learning about design with GradientScene Little

Experimenting with this app is a good way to learn about colour and design. You could also try the following:

An iPad version of this app is available. Go to GradientScene for details.

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