DARE Software
Plain Background Little
for iPhone/iTouch

Here is a link to Plain Background Little on the App Store (via iTunes)

(Note that ideas for getting the most out of this app are given at the bottom of this page.)

Surround your photos with colours which enhance them. Save them with wide mats or thin borders or both. Learn more about colour interactions by experimenting with swatches and gradients. Features of this app are:

Plain Bg Little screenshot Plain Bg Little screenshot Plain Bg Little screenshot

___Plain Bg Little screenshot Plain Bg Little screenshot ______________________________________


An iPad version of this app called Plain Background Fun is available. Click here for other iPhone/iTouch/iPad applications.

Have you found that the above suggestions have helped your understanding of colour on devices? Perhaps it is time to try designing with another DARE Software app - ChipScene Little. This page has a series of simple design challenges which were created for the ipad version of ChipScene Little. Many of them however can be done with ChipScene Little.