DARE Software
ShapeScene Little
for iPhone/iTouch

Here is a link to ShapeScene Little on the App Store (via iTunes)

Have fun with shapes and colours. Instantly generate a group of coloured geometric shapes in random positions. Move the shapes and adjust group settings. Delete shapes and change the background colour, or just keep generating new scenes. The group Settings you can adjust are:

The app also has the following options: - Move or delete any shape. Delete all shapes at once. - Choose a particular background colour using sliders. - Make the area outside scenes darker or lighter to change perception and hide the toolbar. - Save a scene to the Camera Roll as a jpg file with (resolution 576x768). - Copy a scene or just the shapes to the clipboard. - Access in-app Help.

_ShapeScene Little screenshot ShapeScene Little screenshot ShapeScene Little screenshot

___ShapeScene Little screenshot ShapeScene Little screenshot ______________________________________

Help for ShapeScene Little

- The full potential of this app will be shown when you change settings. If you have changed any settings you will need to tap the Shapes or Background buttons to see the effects of your changes.

- Some of the background changes can be very subtle, for example when you try using a black or a white background. With other backgrounds the changes will be more obvious.

- If you would like to try out your shapes against backgrounds that you can control, you could copy the shapes with a transparent background and paste the copy into Plain Background Little.

- To easily crop your scenes to, say, a square format, you could use CropaRatio Little after saving. To make a reasonably accurate painted sketch of your arrangement you would find that using GridaPic Little would be helpful.

An iPad version of this app is available, with more features. Go to ShapeScene for details.

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