DARE Software

Main features of JpgStory

- Write a caption with multiple lines while viewing an image.

- Use arrow keys or the menu to go to other images in the folder.

- Copy or capture any image.

- Rotate images and change viewer background colour.

- Export small jpgs for attaching to an email, with or without visible captions.

- Copy all captions to the clipboard for pasting into the body of an email.

- Save captions to a text file for later use.

- Batch copy images.

- Open image files and folders by dropping them into the JpgStory window.

- Use a plain or a bold font for captions.

JpgStory enables you to quickly create captioned photos for sending to friends. It uses screen capture to lay out captioned pics. Original image files are never changed.

This simple application works on Windows 98 to Windows 7 and is totally FREE. It can be run from a USB flash drive plugged into a PC or netbook. Help is instantly available from the application menu. Suggestions for possible uses are given here.

An iPad version of JpgStory is now available. See more information here.