DARE Software

Ideas for using JpgStory

- Write multi-line comments while you are viewing your original photos, perhaps containing information about sketching possibilities. Save captions for later recall.

- Export permanently captioned jpg files for emailing to friends. The jpgs will have small file sizes.

- Create a picture story.

- If you would rather send copies of originals, write explanations of photos in your captions and copy a readable list to include in the body of an email.

- Quickly caption a folder of photos from a recent trip as a reminder of the reason you took each photo. Then copy a readable list of the photo captions for printing with your word processor and later reference.

- Copy or capture a rotated version of an image.

- Select pics for batch copying while viewing them, without using thumbnails.

- Save a text file of captions for a friend who uses PicsnCaps on a Mac. The captions in the text file are linked to the file names, so you can send duplicates of your original images, rather than exported pics.

- Add comments about sketching possibilities to reference images that you have saved with GridaPic.

- For schools. Students can easily create captioned pics for illustrating a project. Teachers can use it to add questions to photos and scanned diagrams.