DARE Software

Main features of PicsnCaps

- Drag an image file or a folder of images onto the PicsnCaps icon to instantly view an image fullscreen. (You may also drag an iPhoto thumbnail, or a folder or image from Mail.)

- Use arrow keys or a right-click menu to go to other images in the folder.

- Write a caption with multiple lines while viewing an image fullscreen.

- Change background colour.

- Instantly export small jpgs for email, with or without visible captions. Set caption position to be outside or inside the image. You may also set a white border on the exported pic.

- Create a printable list of captions.

- Batch copy pics.

- Sort pics by name or by date. Get detailed file info.

- Rotate pics and zoom small ones. Move a displayed pic to the trash.

- Set the maximum display size for fullscreen viewing and zooming of all pics.

PicsnCaps screenshot

PicsnCaps enables you to easily create captioned photos for sending to friends. The application loads each image from disk when displaying it. Captions are stored in a separate text file in the folder containing the images. Original image files are never changed, because the captions are linked only to the file names. {The caption text files can be searched by Spotlight and also can be used by the Windows application JpgStory.)

This simple application works on MacOS 10.4 or later and is totally FREE. Help is instantly available by clicking on the screen. Suggestions for possible uses are given here.