DARE Software

Ideas for using PicsnCaps

- By dragging image files or folders onto the PicsnCaps icon you can instantly view them at fullscreen, without distracting overlays, scrollbars, surrounds or menus. View them in either modification date order or alphabetic order. Select any pic for batch copying. Move a pic to the trash while displaying it. Set the maximum display size when viewing high resolution pics on a big screen. (Hide the application whenever you like, without quitting, by pressing command h.)

- Write multi-line comments while you are viewing a photo, perhaps containing information about sketching possibilities.

- Export permanently captioned jpg copies for emailing to friends who do not have PicsnCaps. The jpgs will have small file sizes. Use the export feature to create a picture story.

- Quickly caption a folder of photos from a recent trip as a reminder of the reason you took each photo. Then create a readable list of the photo captions for printing and later reference. (This can avoid the need to rename photos. Since captions are linked to file names you may use Spotlight to search for a picture via the caption.)

- If you would rather send photos without permanent captions to friends, write explanations of photos in your captions and save a readable list to include in the body of an email.

- Mark some photos and batch copy them into a folder as you quit. Write captions and email the folder of pics with its included captions file to your friends. Those who have PicsnCaps or the Windows application JpgStory will be able to view and edit your captions for further exchanges.

- Export permanently rotated jpgs with small file sizes.

- Drag a thumbnail image from your iPhoto library or another thumbnailing program straight onto the PicsnCaps icon. Then, to quickly create a small filesize copy for email, press shift e. The copy will appear on your desktop unless you have changed the destination folder in Preferences.


- For displaying large images at smaller than screen size, but still in fullscreen mode, use GridaPic.

- For more control over the size, font, and position of permanent captions use TextnPic. The result can be displayed in PicsnCaps or other fullscreen applications very effectively.

- For cropping, for adjusting print size, for permanently rotating an image and for reducing jpg file size use CropaRatio. (If you intend making 4x6 prints of exported and captioned jpgs it would be a good idea to crop them to a height/width ratio of 0.667 before adding captions.)

- The Windows application JpgStory can read the caption files produced by PicsnCaps. JpgStory can also create caption files which can be read by PicsnCaps.