DARE Software

Ideas for using TextnPic

- Add comments on artistic possibilites to a reference pic or sketch that you may be displaying fullscreen with GridaPic.

- Permanently identify people and places in family archives of images.

- Save a commented image as a single file for emailing. (For quickly adding brief comments to several jpg files for emailing, or simply as a trip record, you could instead use PicsnCaps.)

- Make an image record of a trip by combining a group of commented pdf files into one document using Automator or other applications. In Automator the filesize of pdfs is reduced as the combined document is created.

- If displaying a pdf file in Adobe Reader you can go to links that you have put in the text area. (In Snow Leopard links work in Preview). Note that text in pdf files is searched by Spotlight.

- Drag a commented file into documents you are creating with word processors such as TextEdit (Rich Text format) or Pages or Microsoft Word. (CropaRatio may be used to change the print size of a jpg first).

- Create a blank page which you can use as a background in Preview (10.5 and 10.6) for pasting several image and text clips onto and saving as a collage. You could tint the background before you paste the clips.

- Make a small captioned pic for use on a web page by using TextnPic and Preview in Leopard. First add your text to the image in TextnPic, adjusting the text size to be readable when it is later reduced. Save as jpg and open in Preview. Crop to remove white space and change the image size to what you require. Save.

- Just have fun viewing your photos and image clips against different backgrounds, and adding coloured text and borders. You may drag images straight across into TextnPic from your iPhoto library.